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Twinwall Chimney System

DINAK DW Twin wall, insulated, stainless steel modular chimneys.

Isokern Pumice Chimney

For new chimneys and for the refurbishment of existing chimneys. The Isokern chimney systems provide a lightweight, easily installed and versatile chimney which can be used internally or externally.

Gas Flue & Chimney

 We stock flexible and twin wall gas flue, flue boxes and gather units

IL Chimney System is a twin wall insulated pre-fabricated domestic gas vent that has been used in the UK for over 25 years, having built a reputation for quality and reliability. The IL gas vent is designed for naturally aspirated domestic gas fired appliances.

Gas Flue Boxes & Gather Units also provides several types of Gas Flue Boxes, all designed to be used with the IL Gas Vent System and, where Building Regulations allow, may be used with stainless steel chimney liners.

Gas Flue Liner for Chimneys - A single skin stainless steel flexible chimney flue liner which, when installed into a masonry chimney produces a continuous and unbroken flue from appliance to outlet. This prevents flue gas escaping though brickwork and provides the optimum flue diameter for the appliance.

Ridges & Valleys

Zinc or aluminium ridge and valleys are frequently used on slated roofs.

Other Products

We stock a wide range of products to complete your project, including ropes, sealants & tools

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About Us

Established in 2005,1st Supplies Scotland is a key distributor of quality roofing, flue and chimney products. Our product range includes gas and solid fuel flexible chimney liners, twin wall rigid flues and chimney, vitreous enamel flue pipe ---- for immediate delivery.

We stock a full range of rolled lead sheet materials in all codes, underlays, coatings & fixings by Calder.We are main stockists of Dinak modular chimney & flue systems, 
 Alumasc Cast Aluminium & Cast Iron Rainwater Gutters and Downpipes.