Twin wall Insulated Flue, Enamel Stove Flue Pipe, Flexible Flue Liners, Pumice Flue and chimney systems, Cast Iron Guttering, Rolled Sheet Lead, Lead Flashing, Zinc and Aluminium Ridge, Cast Iron Stoves

1st Supplies (Scotland) Limited

Distributor of Dinak Twin Wall Flue, Flexible flue liners, Single Wall Flue, Isokern Pumice Flue, Enamel Stove Flue Pipe, cast iron stoves, zinc ridge.

1st Supplies for Twin Wall Insulated Flue for solid fuel and woodburning systems, Twin Wall Gas Flue, Pumice Flue & Chimney Liner, Flexible Flue Liner, Stove Flue Pipe, Rolled Sheet Lead, Lead Flashing, Zinc & Aluminium Ridge, Dektite Flashing, Chimney Pots & Cowls, Cast Iron Gutters & Downpipes, Woodburning Stoves. 


Flue and Chimney Liner Supplies

DINAK DW Twin Wall Insulated Flue for woodburning installations. Call for a competitive quote !

DOCHERTY Single Wall Flues, Gas Twin Wall Flue, Flexible Chimney Flue Liners for Solid Fuel and Gas. Vitreous Enamel Stove Flue Pipe. 

ISOKERN Pumice Flue Liner & DM Chimney system.

Aga Cast Iron Stoves and stove accessories. Chimney pots and cowls in various materials and colours.

- all available Ex-Stock for UK delivery. Edinburgh, falkirk, stirling, glasgow, perth, dundee, aberdeen, scotland, lothians,

Roofing Supplies

Lead, Copper & Zinc Roof Coverings.

CALDER Lead Sheet, Underlays, Finishing Materials

Lead fitting materials and tools.

ALUMSAC Heritage cast iron rainwater downpipes and gutters.

Zinc & Aluminium Ridge, Valley & Straps.

Items are available ex stock from the sales counter or UK delivery, open daily 8am - 5pm (4pm Friday) & Saturday 8am - 1pm.  

Should an item be unavailable please contact us by email, call or contact form for more information. We can arrange for direct shipment to you from our suppliers for certain items.  

Please contact the sales team for more infomation.

Flue & Chimney Design & Quotation.

We also offer a flue & chimney design & quotation service to our customers, please follow this link for more infomation. Design Service.


 Tel: 01324 634100

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